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Trumpet Lamp
Creation #1


Bob was born and raised in Michigan and is self-taught.  His art career started after college and he has been painting art and creating musical instrument sculptures for over 40 years. 


The inventive work of seasoned sculptor Bob Richardson blurs the lines between form and function, the sublime and whimsical to the mysterious and profound. This award-winning artist and sculptor of musical instruments, includes wood brass, copper, and aluminum. Many of his creations also include upcycled objects.  Acclaimed for his ingenuity and creativity, Bob produces his pieces from his studio workshop in Safety Harbor, Florida.

Bob grew up in the “Motor City” area.  Motown Records, the Big Three Auto Manufacturers and countless numbers of industrial businesses had a huge influence on him.  He grew up with a passion to create, having the ability to tinker with items and turn them into something special.  In 1978, he made his first musical instrument lamp from an old vintage trumpet.  That lamp is still in his home and continues to light up his office.

When Bluetooth Technology was invented in the mid 1990's, Bob used musical instruments (new, used, broken and vintage), turned them into art sculptures, and then placed a Bluetooth Speaker inside each instrument.  These art sculptures turned into functional art and are called Bluetooth Sound Machines.   "I am extremely honored and blessed to do what I enjoy the most, creating art."

Bob has created over 3,000 pieces of impasto art paintings (using really thick paint),  over 1,000 spin art paintings by using a homemade spinning machine that I constructed from two bicycles, hundreds of contemporary - figurative paintings and nearly 750 U.S. Flag creations by upcycling actual U.S. Flags and mounting them on canvas.

He has created over 16,000 musical instrument lamps and sculptures and uses just about every type of instrument that is manufactured throughout the world, even pianos.

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Artist Overview: (1979 - Current)

Career Art Awards

  • 83 Career Winning Awards 

    • Best of Show, First (Gold), Second (Silver), Third (Bronze), Excellence, Distinction, Merit

Articles on my Work


  • Art in America

  • ​Cadillac Evening News

  • Detroit News

  • ​Marin Independent Journal

  • ​San Francisco Chronicle

  • Tampa Bay Times / St. Pete Times

  • World of Westchase

Videos on my Work


Events / Shows / Galleries 

  • View Shows (Participated in well over 600 events/shows and exhibited  in over 100 Galleries)

Art Board of Director Positions

  • Professional Association of Visual Artist (PAVA) - Board of Trustees, Vice President

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