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That is my #1 goal in life. 

Growing up in Michigan, specifically the Detroit area, I was always intrigued by mechanical items.  Automobiles and airplanes had a huge influence on me.  I graduated from college as an aeronautical engineer and went to work for Boeing to design airplanes.  I have always had a passion to create.  I had the ability to tinker with items and turn them into “something”.  So, I started making and selling  art and musical instrument sculptures (from my love of music) and never looked back.  


As you can see by my website, I continue to produce one of a kind instrument sculptures that are designed to make you smile. 


I invented and created  what I call the Bluetooth Sound Machine in June of 1999. Bluetooth Sound Machines' are created from musical instruments (new, used broken and vintage) that are turned into art sculptures, then turned into functional art with Bluetooth Speakers.    

I want to personally thank you for taking time to visit my website and spending a few minutes viewing my bio and  my Musical Art.

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Bob and Judy Richardson

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