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Accordion - Bluetooth Sound Machine

One of a kind instrument sculptures made into Bluetooth Speakers​.  All include an outstanding Bluetooth Speaker that plays continuously for 6-8 hours and recharges in 45 minutes.

Accordion - Circa 1890-1915


One of the most unique Bluetooth Sound Machines that I have made. 


This vintage accordion, a Concertone Hohner Accordion, made in Germany at the turn of the century, sits on a copper base that allows the accordion to be stretched to show the bellows. 


It is locked into place on the back and front of the piece.  I used an extensive amount of copper and designed the front of the base to accept the Bluetooth Speaker, which is included.  The piece is a show stopper.


(Customer Pickup in Safety Harbor, FL)



(Includes shipping within the United States) 

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Listen to it play

12 Cherry BombJohn Mellencamp
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