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My other creative side is art.  I have been producing impasto paintings for over 40 years and started in college. Impasto paintings involve the usage of thick paint.  Some of my art is over 1" thick with paint.  I started with my "Funky Flowers Line" and have produced over 3,000 of them and over 1,000 creations of spin art.  In addition, I have created roughly 750 U.S. Flags and many other general paintings that have all types of themes.    I am very honored to have my US Flag art displayed in businesses, municipal and governmental buildings

If you are a Gallery or a Retail Store, and would like to represent any of my work, please contact us.


These paintings are  AVAILABLE for purchase.  

Price - Price for pickup at our workshop in Safety Harbor.

Price: $175

Price:  $1250

Price:  $75

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